How to File an Insurance Claim

Roofing Insurance in Lindale, TX

So you think you have roof damage and would like to file an insurance claim. Here is a step-by-step guide through the process and what to expect.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance agent or the claims department for your insurance carrier directly and let them know you would like to file a homeowner’s claim for your roof. The agent or claims department will gather some basic information, file the claim, and inform you that an adjuster will contact you within a day or two.

Communicate With the Adjuster

Once your adjuster contacts you, they will gather some more information and offer an inspection. This is the time to let them know that you are working with Redline Roofing and provide them with our contact information. This allows the adjuster to coordinate their inspection with us.

At Redline Roofing, we prefer to meet with your adjuster for the roof inspection so that we may represent your best interests and assist the adjuster in performing a complete, thorough inspection of your property. Redline Roofing is owned by a licensed claims adjuster with many years of experience conducting roof inspections for insurance companies and we specialize in being able to document various types of weather damage that can often go unnoticed.

Receive an Estimate of Covered Damages

After the inspection is completed, the adjuster will discuss their findings and let you know the procedure and timeline for the completion of your estimate of covered damages. Most homeowners have Replacement Cost Coverage (RCV). This means that the insurance company will determine a price for the covered repairs to your roof and/or other areas of your home and establish a price for repair. This price is usually derived by using an estimating software program called XACTIMATE. This is the standard program used by almost every insurance carrier. 

The RCV is the amount that includes all of the work that will be performed to bring your roof back to pre-loss condition. The insurance adjuster will input the age of the roof as reported by you during the initial phone call or estimate the age based on condition and wear if the exact age is unknown. This will result in a deduction from the estimate for “depreciation”. The depreciation amount is recoverable for most claims if your policy carries Replacement Cost Coverage. 

The policy deductible will then be deducted from the estimate total, and the amount left over after these deductions will be sent to you via check and in some cases direct deposit to your bank account. 

Mortgage Company Payee Clause

Texas Law requires that your mortgage company be listed as a payee on an insurance check if the total is over $5,000, so you may need to contact your mortgage company and ask about having the check endorsed. All mortgage companies are familiar with this and will have a process in place to assist you. If the mortgage company is local to you then it’s as simple as going by a branch and having the check endorsed. In other cases, you may need to mail your check to the mortgage company to a particular department that will handle this and mail it back to you. 

Once you have received your check you may deposit it into your bank account. Upon receipt and deposit of your first check, you are ready to go. 

Draft the Contract with Your Roofing Company

During the time that you are waiting for the check to be endorsed, etc., we will discuss your insurance estimate with you and go over all of the areas of repair that were allowed. We’ll make sure that the scope of work is fair and accurate for the damage that was caused to your roof. We will then draw up a contract that outlines the work to be performed, and we will agree to complete the work for the amount of the insurance estimate. 

You are no longer required to obtain multiple estimates from different contractors; in fact, insurance carriers will not even consider those as they have already decided on the amount that they will pay for your roof repair or replacement. All that you need to do is make sure that you have a reputable roofing contractor to perform the work and you are all set. Redline Roofing will help you throughout the entire claims process to make sure that you receive fair treatment from your insurance carrier and that all work is carried out according to your satisfaction. 

Final Steps

Once all work is completed, we will send a final invoice to the insurance carrier (usually your adjuster) that reflects the work that was completed and ask that the recoverable depreciation is released to you. This will be another check in the amount of the depreciation that was initially deducted from your estimate. As work is already completed, your mortgage company does not need to be listed on this check. Once you have received this final check, you may deposit it into your bank account and — after it clears — make the final payment for your new roof.

At Redline Roofing, we have been handling insurance claims for years and will be glad to handle everything from start to finish. In most cases, it can be as easy as calling in a claim and then picking out the color of your new shingles. Our experience with claims adjusting allows us the ability to gain rapport with the claims adjuster and discuss the types of damage we see in a professional way. This insight often makes a huge difference when the decision to total your roof can go either way with the adjuster. We usually get the “benefit of the doubt” because of this experience. 

If you’re ready to get started with an experienced and dedicated roofing company, contact Redline Roofing today. We provide roof repair and replacement services in Lindale, TX and the surrounding cities.