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Did you know that over the last few decades, Tornado Alley has moved east? That’s part of the reason why roofs in Palestine seem to need more attention than they used to. The weather can be extreme, and it takes its toll.

Even when that isn’t the case, every roof needs professional help from time to time. That’s what Redline Roofing & Construction specializes in. We can provide any roofing service you need, and that isn’t limited to the work we do above the ground. We also offer specialized help with roofing assessments and insurance claims. Contact us today for high-quality roofing services in Palestine, TX.

Reliable Palestine, TX, Roof Repair Services

When your roof takes damage, you want certified repair work. That will help you with your insurance company, and it will guarantee that your roof is up to the job of protecting everything beneath it.

Roof repair with Redline begins when we assess the damage. We can help you communicate with your insurance company to make sure all parties are in the loop and committed to doing right by your roof.

When you like the plan, we can perform the repairs and get your roof back into good form.

Trustworthy Roof Replacement Contractors

We offer full roof replacement services. Typically a roof repair comes when the insurance company agrees that it is the cost-effective solution, and our expert claims adjusters can help you make that case.

We can help you manage the options for roof replacement and determine when a change in material or upgrade is warranted. In any case, we’ll install a new roof that can handle the intense weather in Palestine.

Redline Roofing’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

We go through so much trouble to help you because that is our mission. We’re not just here to install roofing materials on buildings. Our real focus is providing you with help and relief, and much of that comes from how we can help you through the process.

Over 16 years, we have earned an overall five-star rating from our customers. That record is built on commitment to you and your experience.

Contact Redline Roofing & Construction today for roofing services throughout Palestine, TX. You’ll see that roofing issues can be resolved through a surprisingly positive experience.